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It is with great gratitude that I have dedicated my life to witness, participate and support human development, from pre-school children and their parents, to professionals working in science education, youth in K-12 schools and professors from other countries.  We have all worked together to grow, and thrive. Now, I spend time with my family, my grandchildren, writing books and creating programs and illustrations focused on healing and personal development.  

If you have felt the heaviness of life in the past few years, you are not alone. 

This is why I embarked in over 1000 hours of applied learning to address family needs and individual challenges, and to help others in this journey of deepened commitment toward awareness, belonging and connection. I have been a life-long student of contemplative practices and use transformative practices to awaken the heart and bring healing and vitality after loss and hardship.  I am a dream building coach in training. 

It is with great enthusiasm and joyful anticipation that I make this website available, to shift how life is experienced, and to build the necessary supports to make dreams a reality for my clients. Nurturing a more vibrant, purposeful and fulfilling life.

Wisdom in being

Thriving After Loss Through Belonging, Awe and Loving Presence

  • Unlock Your Wisdom: Journey into Awe, Shadow Work, and Loving Presence for a Profound Life Transformation.
  • Bridge Science and Spirituality: Navigate Life’s Challenges with a Holistic Guide to Transformation.
  • Transform Challenges: Receive Universal Tools to Manage Anger, Anxiety, and Disconnection for a Fulfilling Life.
  • Discover Inner Peace: Uncover Wisdom through Anecdotes and Insightful Research.
  • Connect Within: Transformative Journey to Healing, Purpose, and Belonging.
  • Heal After Grief: Inspiring Wisdom for Cultivating Well-being and Purpose in the Midst of Loss.
  • Environmental Humanity: An integrative Approach to Our Sense of Place

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the ocean, where the boundless expanse meets the sky in a dance of waves and light. This drone footage invites you to a moment of reflection and connection, offering a unique perspective on the majestic power and serene grace of nature. As you watch the ebb and flow of the tides, let it be a reminder of the natural rhythms within us all, echoing the pulse of life and the vast depths of our own inner worlds. In the grandeur of these scenes, find a space for tranquility, a place to commune with the essence of being, and a chance to rekindle the spiritual bond we share with the earth. Let the ocean’s timeless journey inspire you to explore the depths of your own spirituality, embracing the peace and wonder that nature bestows.


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