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Ursula Sexton


With 35 years in the field of education and R&D, I had the privilege of working with thousands of students, parents, and teachers across the United States, the Pacific Rim, and South America. Traveling to distant locations to meet teachers and their students, navigating together the art of teaching and learning, offered countless learning opportunities for all involved to express ourselves from the heart and to live and value the context, cultural heritage, rich traditions and wisdom of each community.  

Our human diversity and each individual bring tremendous gifts to every shared moment, enriching the hearts and experiences of all involved.  It opened doors to finding our common humanity, and to sharing of each other’s wisdom.

Each day meeting and greeting my students with joyful and curious hearts, brought renewed enthusiasm to innovate my teaching and learning practices.  For 20 years of my career, I had the wonderful honor of  being a constant for my students throughout their academic lives, instilling awe and wonder through science. It provided the wonderful opportunity to approach learning from the place where imagination thrives, and where connections beyond content could be explored with joy.  Learning about our place in the universe became a natural and mindful journey of our human endeavor. Through our collaborative and collective experiences, understanding the power of mindful awareness, stewardship and awe became pillars for life.
This website, will continue to develop, as programs become available, and my certification as coach is complete. I look forward to being of service, and to navigating with heart, mind, body and spirit the journeys that bring dreams to reality, and well-being to each one.

"The more we live in mindfulness, the more we fully live. "

Ursula Sexton

"There is an intrinsic presence in a rainbow, a reminder that each one of us is just as bright and beautiful."

Ursula Sexton

Credentials & Training

With a Master's in Education, specializing in Leadership and Curriculum Development, I am on a continuous journey of growth and innovation. My academic background has equipped me with the skills to lead with vision and design curricula that inspire learning and creativity. I am constantly seeking out new experiences and pioneering opportunities to create, stretch my boundaries, and contribute meaningfully to human development. My commitment to personal and professional development is unwavering, as I strive to make impactful contributions that resonate within and beyond the educational landscape.

  • Mindful Self Compassion (MSC)
  • Qi Gong
  • Being a Modern Elder – Mentorship and Purposeful Life
  • EFT
  • Brave Thinking Institute – Dream Builder Coaching
  • Meditation
  • Living in the Miracle Zone
  • Nutrition
  • Mindfulness
  • Healing from Trauma
  • Forest Bathing and Nature Experiences
  • Forgiveness & Soul Study
  • Speaking from the heart while being and doing
  • Longevity and Aging
  • Working with our shadows
  • Purpose Beyond Retirement
  • Participation and facilitation of women's circles
  • Cultural & Language Diversity

My dream is to be of service to youth and older adults going through transitions and challenging times in their lives. Especially, women, and those feeling a sense of loss, a deep longing, and a need for belonging and connection.  

My creative soul will also continue illustrating and creating a variety of tools and visuals for use in our programs, as well as for individual purchase as they become available. 

Until then, 

Ursula M. Sexton  ~ Uli

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